Friday, 31 January 2014

 Last night we had our last detailed planning meeting as we prepare for our trip to El Hogar in Honduras in three weeks time. This is the 7th trip where teams from St Luke's have traveled to Tegucigalpa to be of service in the lives of the children and teachers at El Hogar -  to help in brighter futures for many young children in Honduras.  Because they deserve hope for a better future, escaping from poverty, hunger and fear, the various teams and the parish of St Luke have supported this ministry in so many ways.  We have seen these children, who were taken from desperate situations in this impoverished country, flourish in a loving, stable environment with opportunities to get the tools needed to have a loving, stable life....  and we can hardly wait to get back to see them!

So much to think about. Flights and connections, transportation to the airport with all the luggage we will have.  What to take - crafts, games and activities for the kids, collected items that are on the wish list for the schools, the beginning discussions and planning for our church service and presentation to the congregation when we get back.   What to take as a small gift for our sponsored children.....  Jorge  has been sponsored by St Luke's for 4 years and it has been a joy see him grow and learn and mature.  He has done so well in school and so we will miss him when we are on the campus in Tegucigalpa  
as he has graduated to the Technical Institute where he will learn a trade and a skill.  We will see him there.. 

Jorge is in the left of the picture.  He has become a leader to younger Erick and to Moises

St Luke's has also sponsored Nelsin since we came back from our last trip in April.  We look forward to meeting up with her again this year.  Note the message she is giving us as written and drawn on her paper.  (Be sure to click on all the pictures to get a larger version to view.)  We have been so grateful for the support of the St Luke's parish who have been following our ministry in Honduras and have been involved in so many ways which includes being able to sponsor these children.  Meaning that they will have a wonderful chance at a good life ahead of them.  .

Besides all the details that we had to work on in our planning, we got in time for a picture and some Spanish practice.  Missing from this team picture is Alan, Louise and Chris, as well as Lynn who comes from Kanata and will meet us when we fly out on the 22nd.

Some of the items on the wish list of needs for the schools, are jeans and socks.  It is hard to keep 250 children in jeans and socks and so if you would like to help in providing these much needed items we are looking for jeans, both new & gently used, in sizes 6 to 14 for both boys & girls at the elementary school & in sizes 28 to 36 for the young men at the Technical Institute & Agricultural School.  Socks of all sizes & colours for girls & boys are also requested. There is a box in the parish hall for the collection of any items you donate. We will pack up everything on Sunday, February 16th.
─░Muchisimas gracias por su apoyo! Thank you very much for your help