Thursday, 16 November 2017

 The team of 2018 is thinking ahead to their trip to El Hogar in February, but before we get there, there is a lot of work to do in preparation.  Much fundraising is to be done first that will cover the cost of the project fee that we need to take with us that will cover the work project that we will do when we get there.  We also raise this money to cover the sponsorship of three of the children that St Luke's sponsors.
We know you are waiting for our famous Gingerbread Churches - now our 10th year making them.  We have such fun doing them and it is a team builder for sure.
This year we tried something different - engaging the Culinary students in the kitchens of Robert Bateman High School.  We were welcomed by the staff and the students who helped us make, roll and bake our dough for 160 churches and houses.

Oh, yes, in case you were wondering, one of those days was Halloween!

We were able to show them a video of our work in Honduras and they had many questions for us as well.  It was a pleasure to roll out our dough in a large space with many tables and many hands.  Needed to complete our project - 1,120 building parts needed for the churches!

We were most impressed by the size of the mixers, the large ovens and the helpful and willing students.

After that, it means constructing and decorating - each with a unique look done by our crew - both present team and past teams and Friends of El Hogar.

Our first completed church off the assembly line and all packaged and ready for the St Luke's Christmas Market this Saturday!


  We also had a night of making our famous Christmas Bark.   The team was on hand again with our wonderful teacher, The Chocolate Doctor who has given much of her time to us to help us make the bark with her amazing chocolate equipment and huge cooking trays.  Check out Kerry's website:                                                                                    
All now packaged up and ready for sale.  
They will be for sale this Saturday at the St Luke's Christmas Market.  Come and pick up yours!