Saturday, 25 March 2017

Team 2017.  In a month, we will be on our way to be part of an amazing life changing experience.  Even for those who have been back numerous times, it never ceases to amaze us how moved we are as we see changes in the children each time we go back.  They come from such abject poverty that to see them now have a greater chance at life makes our heart rejoice.  We have seen God's transforming love change their lives as well as our own.  We have grateful hearts for the staff and teachers who give loving care to each of these children, for the numerous teams that continue to go down each year and the various churches and organizations that support El Hogar in Honduras.  

We want to thank you so much from the El Hogar Service Team which helps us in many ways contribute to the success of the ministry that goes on there. We are so grateful for your on-going support which you give in so many ways! Thank you for purchasing our chocolate covered fondant Easter eggs. We hope you’ll enjoy them at Easter! We will be travelling to El Hogar on Saturday, April 22nd to be with the children of El Hogar and of course, with our own Erika Skafel. In the past, you have always been so generous in donating much needed requested items. If you are able, this year we are looking for jeans for boys and girls, both new and gently used, as well as toothpaste, soap, deodorant and shampoo. There is a box in the parish hall for the collection of items you donate. We will pack up everything after our commissioning on Sunday, April 9th. Most of all, please keep the team in your prayers and while we’re away check out this blog for updates and news. 

─░Muchisimas gracias por su apoyo! Thank you so much for your support!   Alan, Janice, Michael, Ros, Rick, Sarah from Barrie, Dave from Missouri, and Peter from Rhode Island.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

They're back!  Our super duper hand-made, hand dipped Belgian chocolate, fondant Easter eggs.  One week of selling and 1/2 of then are gone already! Available at coffee hours or from any team member.  Made by our team with a number of Easter bunnies helping out.  Once more we had the help of the Chocolate Doctor   to help us get the chocolate just right and we have to say, these eggs are looking pretty good, thanks to Kerry.  
We are thankful for the extra alumni that came out that night to help.

And we had an awful lot of fun making them. But believe me, there was chocolate everywhere.  

Ready to be packaged.