Tuesday, 1 March 2016

While we are making eggs and preparing for our service trip to El Hogar in Tegucigalpa, we get news from Erika that the first few weeks of the school year are going well.  There are new children that now live at El Hogar and who will find out that they will have a loving home, new friends and an education - a chance for a better life and hope in their future.  They will be part of God's transforming love that will change their lives forever.

The picture is of a few of the boys in their new uniforms on the first day of school.  Can you imagine what the residence was like the night before the first day fitting 100 children out with new uniforms!

For the past number of years, we have run an El Hogar "Friend a Child" programme when you can "friend" a child for a day, a week or all 40 days of Lent at the suggested rate of $5 for each day "friended".  Unlike sponsoring a child through El Hogar, this a short-term commitment and payment is made directly to El Hogar Projects Canada.  We will run the programme on Sunday, March 6 and Sunday, March 13.  Look for our displays of the children's photos in the parish hall and choose a child you would like to "friend".  The display will be situated right next to the chocolate Easter eggs!  Thank you so much for your support. 

 Egg Making - our last fundraiser before we go to Honduras. If we are now making  chocolate-covered fondant Easter eggs, it means that we are getting close to our trip to El Hogar at the end of April.  We have spent a few occasions making the fondant eggs and now is the fun part coating them with chocolate.

We set up a routine - making sure that the tempering process:for the chocolate was done correctly (it has to be the perfect temperature so the chocolate will have no streaks and will be glossy).  With coating twice and adding the decoration on top to all 284 eggs, we were finished in record time by 8:30 in the evening. We are getting good at this with it being our 7th year making the eggs.

 We do have fun!  And while we try to keep the chocolate contained to our work space, it does get a little messy. 
Note the clock on the wall behind the Reycrafts as Ros puts the decoration on the last coated egg of Rick's. Finished at 8:30!
 They are all ready to be packaged and will be on sale from any team member or at coffee hour on Sunday, March 6 and 13th. 

We may be done in record time, but it still deserves a little time of celebration with Kerry, the Chocolate Doctor, who has helped us do a professional job with our chocolate.  She has been an amazing support and help to our group and our fundraisers.  Thank you Kerry.