Friday, 29 March 2019

This was another education day and we were delighted to attend the Museo de National Identity in the centro of Tegucigalpa.  So again it was interesting to pass through some parts of the city where we hadn't been before and saw everyday life in the city.  The cathedral in the town square and a spot to buy tortillas or frutas. 

The museum contains a complete visual display of the history of Honduras.  Unfortunately, this historical part was under renovation, but we still had Erika's chosen guide, Ariel, who puts the standard for guides rather high!  We still got a rather open and honest story of the history through the art display that he took us through which was open.  The art was wonderful and the first section that was Honduran art told the stories about oppression, poverty, violence, hope for the future, environmental damage, no voice for justice, peace.  It was fascinating and we got alot of Honduran historical stories through the interpretation of the art.  There was also a Picasso display and interesting to have a Picasso display in Honduras. 
We had lunch back at El Hogar again and were pleased to have Tim Munro with our group again this morning.  We had time to have our traditional picture around the logo of El Hogar.
We had a little time to check out the raised garden that we as a team started last year and so it was wonderful to see all sorts of things growing including pineapple.
We hitched a ride back to the Technical Institute with Gustavo who drives the students each day.  We picked up the 7, 8, and 9th grade girls at their high school on one side of the city, drove north to ITSM to pick up the Grade 10 and 11 girls and then he would take them all back to Santa Lucia.  In the meantime, there would be teachers who would hitch a ride with us in the morning after they finished their night shifts and another trip taking teachers back home again at night.  It must be a nightmare for the logistics and sorting rides, but it happens each day and seems to work.   Sometimes it is important to be able to take a nap on the bus when you can.  

We loved our activities tonight with the oldest of the students and they were very engaged in what they chose to do.  Charming and smart and polite.  Michael was the one inviting the boys to play soccer and they loved that.  He was helping them practice for the Episcopal school competitions this weekend.  
 Work shoes waiting to be packed up! 

This is our last night together.  We have enjoyed our home this week which must have been the "manor" of the owner of this property.  We also have grown together as a team, working together, laughing together, sharing meals together, sharing and praying together.  It as been a special time.  Teammates for a short time, but friends forever.   

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