Sunday, 31 March 2019

Our last day here and we are too busy getting packed,tidying our living space for the next team and too involved to get onto the bus by 0800 to get us into the city to catch our flight, to realize how caught up in our emotions we are in actually leaving this place.  So we were up early, but I guess no earlier than most mornings as we often hear the boys up and at their chores just after 5.  This morning though, we are invited to attend their morning gathering and devotions out on the soccer pad.  This is their time to say thank you to us and was done nicely by a couple of the boys (and translated through the English teacher Enrique).  This student was one of the younger ones and seemed to be a leader already. 


.....and for us to let them know how thankful that WE are for them and all we have learned this week, for their love and respect and hospitality to us.  That they have a wonderful opportunity in this school to make a difference in their lives, in their family's and in Honduras to be leaders.  Here, through Enrique, Dave is telling them just that!

We try to capture all that is said and observed- in our hearts and on our cameras!

We hear an emotional and powerful speech from Lazaro who believes that the only way that this place could grow and change as it has over 40 years, is by God's hands through the teams that have come and by all the supporters who have been part of this project in Honduras in the past and those who have yet to learn about the work here in the future.  It is our task, to tell the people who ask, why we go to Honduras and about the work that is being done here.  It was an emotional speech both for him and for us to absorb. He has been with this organization since its beginning and he is the one who has seen the changes and helped with the growth as well as teachers and staff that are truly dedicated to these children.  

We end this part of our morning by taking a picture of all the kids - each holding up a toothbrush and toothpaste which were part of the donations!  It shows their appreciation and also no excuse for not making sure they brush their teeth each day! 

Back in town at the primary centre, we had a little time before departure to the airport, to catch Profe Heyser teaching the children Honduran folk dancing. The kids are enthusiastic, catching  his enthusiasm and love for this art.  In past years, he has let them to win competitions for their school.  There was as suggestion from one of us to him that perhaps in future trips he'd teach us some folkdancing!  He thought that a good idea.  Dancing is part of their cultural wealth both for the country and this school.  Each dance tells a story and has a meaning.  It was fun to watch the kids in this activity.  

Again we had time to debrief with the staff, (Matt, Erika and Tim) about out time here, as they listened to our observations and thoughts for the week. We wanted to get their photo to be sure that we have a record of the Toronto shirt - just to make us feel at home!  (We also find out that Matt has a team sweater for other areas of the country where teams come from!)
Off to the airport, taking with us one of the students who gets the job of being on the roof to unload the van of our luggage.  It is safe to say that we are happy that we don't have as many heavy bags as we head home.  

We leave behind many busy hours and full days as we worked and learned and got to know the boys.  We take with us the memories of a memorable week and the resolve to tell the story of El Hogar to others.  We learned about a number of very positive programs going on in the country.  We are encouraged by all the positive effects that these programs have in so many areas.  We are inspired.  While each of us came with a servant heart, we felt we were in partnership and a relationship with the El Hogar programs to help where we can.  We all agreed that we gained alot more than we gave.  We saw true humility lived out in the people we met this week.  They shared with us their hospitality and acceptance.  We have been so blessed by this trip.

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