Monday, 11 November 2019

 November is a busy time both here at home and at El Hogar.  The school year is ending for the students at El Hogar and the children, both at the primary school and the Technical school are finishing up their last week and writing their exams.  This weekend is graduation and so it means moving up to the  next grade and for some, moving out to the technical institute for their classes now that they have finished Grade 6. Their school year will start again in February and so they have their vacation over the Christmas holidays.  You can keep up to date by using the school's website and you can sign up for any of their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Here at home, the El Hogar 2020 team has been busy preparing for our big fundraiser - making our famous and much-sought-after Gingerbread churches and houses.  As well as the team, we have many alumni and Friends of El Hogar helping out. First is the rolling and baking of over 400 parts before construction can begin.
After they are all completed, we will have put in more than 450 hours.

The fun part is the decorating after the structures have been made.  And everyone enjoys that. Each church or house is each a little different.
The decorator has put their personal touch on each one they do and they are all beautiful, all with edible parts.

We are so grateful for those who come to help us with this fundraiser and on one day, we enjoyed the visit of 4 colleagues from Wawanesa Mutual whose company gives them a day a year to work with a community charity and they chose us! These ladies were super creative with much detail in their work.Thanks Ladies!

Each final product is unique and ready to be sold at our Christmas Market at St Luke's Nov 30th and at each Sunday coffee hour after that.  Cost is $30 each or 2 for $50.                                                                                           

Be sure to look for our table at the Market.  We will also be selling chocolate bark and note cards made by our friend Marilyn Barnes.

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